Name: José Bucheli
Current Position/Affiliation: Graduate Student,  Department of Economics at the University of New Mexico
PhD year expected: Fall 2017
José Bucheli, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Economics, was awarded a LAII Ph.D. Fellowship for the 2015-2016 academic year. José’s dissertation examines financial and social inclusion in Latin America. The main issue he addresses is the mechanism through which economic inclusion contributes to lifting individuals out of poverty. Using household data, heexplores the barriers that prolong people’s exclusion from the formal financial system; and using individual data, he estimates the effect of social programs on children affected by natural disasters. His work will contribute to the debate on economic inclusion in order to promote more equal growth.

Name: Kristina Piorkowski
Current Position/Affiliation: Graduate Student Department of Economics at the University of New Mexico; Doctoral Fellow at Robert Wood Johnson Center for Health Policy at the University of New Mexico
PhD year expected: Spring 2018
Short description of the work you are working on or are planning to do: I have examined smoking behaviors of women in Nepal and found that education is a mitigating factor and employment is a positive factor on smoking behaviors.
Name: Soumi Roy Chowdhury
Current Position: PhD candidate, Department of Economics, University of New Mexico; NSC secretariat at Nepal Study Center, UNM.
Soumi Roy Chowdhury is a Ph.D. candidate in economics with a focus in Health & Development economics. She received her B.A and M.A degrees from India where she has conducted field research in collaboration with Ministry of India and other national and international universities. Her current research focuses on socio- economic consequences of cancer in the context of Nepal. The project has been funded by American Cancer Society and she went to Nepal during winter 2015 to collect data on cancer patients. On the teaching front, she is currently the primary instructor for an undergraduate level Economics course in the department.
Name: Samrat Kunwar
Current Position: PhD candidate, Department of Economics, University of New Mexico
PhD year expected: Spring 2018
Samrat is a PhD candidate in the department of economics at the University of New Mexico, working under the supervision of Dr.Alok Bohara. My research interest is in environmental economics with a focus on climate change in developing countries.  I am interested in understanding the linkages between ecological, hydrological and human/social factors that influence vulnerability and resilience to climate change across interacting spatial, temporal and organizational scales.

Name: Veeshan  Rayamajhee 
Current Position: PhD candidate, Department of Economics, University of New Mexico
PhD year expected: Spring 2019
Veeshan  Rayamajhee  is  a  PhD  candidate  in  economics  at  the  University  of  New  Mexico, Albuquerque, NM. Veeshan's primary motivation for coming to UNM is the Nepal Study Center housed in UNM's economics department. He hopes to utilize NSC's resources to conduct research in pressing environmental, educational and health issues in developing countries/regions. He has a broad range of interests within the economics discipline as well as its interdisciplinary offshoots, and is open to exploring new research routes.

Name: Wenmei Guo
PhD year: May 2015
Dissertation: “Climate Change, Poverty, and Household Food Security in Rural Nepal”
Name: Menuka Karki
Current Position/Affiliation: Visiting Assistant Professor, Departemtn of Economics and Finance, Louisiana Tech University
PhD year : May 2015
Dissertation: “Towards Reaching Sustainable Urban Development in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal: An Economic Analysis of Solid Waste Management, Recycling, and the Health Impacts of Air Pollution”
Name: Robby Fonner
Current Position/Affiliation: Economist, NOAA Fisheries
PhD year: 2014
Robby Fonner is an environmental economist at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle, WA. His research investigates interactions between ecological and economic systems using non-market valuation, bio-economic modeling, and spatial econometric methods. Robby conducted research at the Nepal Study Center (NSC) while completing his PhD at UNM. His research at NSC included investigations of migration during conflict, the impact of human systems on wildlife habitat selection, demand for forest recreation, and optimal wildlife management. 

Name: Naresh Nepal
Current Position: Research Scientist , Health Science Center
PhD year: 2014
Dissertation: " A Geospatial Approach to Wildlife and Wilderness Management"

Name: Steven J. Archambault
Current Position/Affiliation: Assistant Professor Department of Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business, New Mexico State University
PhD year: 2012
Dissertation: “Food Security: Resiliency and Intervention”

Name: Nafisa Halim
Current Position/Affiliation: Assistant (Research) Professor, Department of Global Health, Boston University.
PhD year: 2010
Nafisa Halim, MA, PhD is an applied sociologist with research interests in the determinants and consequences of human capital formation (early childhood development, education, health, nutrition) among women, children and adolescents and program evaluation. Halim’s current research examines the associations between women’s political empowerment and gender-gaps in primary education in India, parental access to credit market and child growth in India, Vietnam, Peru and Ethiopia, and cash transfer program participation and female secondary education in Bangladesh. Halim has consulted with the World Health Organization, and served as a co-Investigator on research projects funded by the National Institutes of Health, the United States Agency for International Development, and private foundations. Halim’s research has been published in Demography, Population Research and Policy Review, Social Science & Medicine, Health Policy and Planning, Journal of International Development, Environment and Development Economics, Social Science Quarterly, and Social Science Research. Halim received her postdoctoral training in Social Demography at Emory University, and a Ph.D. in Sociology and M.A.s in Sociology and Economics from the University of New Mexico.

Halim, Nafisa, Alok K. Bohara, and Xiaomin Ruan. "Healthy mothers, healthy children: does maternal demand for antenatal care matter for child health in Nepal?." Health policy and planning 26.3 (2011): 242-256.

Name: Hari Katuwal
Current Position/Affiliation: Post-Doc, College of Forestry and Conservation, University of Montana
PhD year: 2012
Dissertation: “Demand for water quality: empirical evidence from a knowledge, attitude, behavior, and choice experiment survey about the Bagmati river in Kathmandu, Nepal”

  Name: James Ian Price
Current Position:
PhD year: 2012
Dissertation: " Responding to Natural Hazards: The Effects of Disaster on Residential Location Decisions and Health Outcomes"
Bishwa Koirala Name: Bishwa S. Koirala
Current Position/Affiliation: Director of Economic and Business Research Center and Assistant professor at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Pembroke
PhD year: 2010
Research concentration: Current research is in the area of applied economics, environmental and natural resources economics, non-market valuation, ecosystem analysis and valuation, renewable energy technology, agricultural productivity, energy policy, climate impact analysis and environmental Kuznet curve analysis. Current ongoing research in Nepal is natural calamities and welfare loss in Kohsi River Basin in Nepal. Research articles are available
Name: Mani Nepal
Current Position : Research Programme Manager, SANDEE
PhD year : 2007
Dissertation: "Poverty, inequality, violent conflict, and welfare loss : micro-level evidence from Nepal"
  Name: Michael Milligan
Current Position:
PhD year: 2009
Dissertation: "The Welfare Effects of International Remittance Income"