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Diaspora Knowledge Society

NSC's mission is to understand and harness the diaspora knowledge society through digital connectivity, network analysis, empirical research, and socio-economic and behavioral analysis.

Research on Diaspora Knowledge Society

Diaspora Studies Program (DSP):
NSC's mission is to promote research and analysis of diaspora population. DSP will initiate programs to promote research on the socio-economic and behavioral science aspects of the more than two million diaspora scattered all over the world. NSC already conducts annual conferences and e-seminars with a focus on South Asia. It also has developed a Himalayan Research Papers Archive to show case research work done on issues related to the Himalayan region. These activities do have a natural complimentarity to the diaspora knowledge society related research and analysis.

A DSP research fellowship would be a good start to initiate this program and to encourage our scholars and students to initiatie research in this area (e.g., consumption habit, outsourcing potential, remittance, intention versus behavior, diaspora marketing opportunity, social network analysis, ethnic and gender bias and empowerment).

Building Diaspora Knowledge Networks and Knowledge Transfer

NSC's mission is to build diaspora knowledge networks and tap into this resource. To begin with, NSC will be collaborating with other diaspora organizations to create a repository of information about the professional organizations from all across the globe. This will help understand the potentiality of economic, social and intellectual power of the diaspora knowledge pool. As a part of the Nepal Study Center's transfer of knowledge initiative from the diaspora to the region, NSC's branch office at KU has initiated several seminars and workshops plans in Kathmandu. More

Diaspora Professional Organizations

America Nepal Medical Foundation (ANMF)
The mission of the America Nepal Medical Foundation (ANMF) is to promote the advancement of medical training and practice in Nepal.

American Society of Nepalese Engineers (ASNEngr)
American Society of Nepalese Engineers (ASNEngr) is a non-profit organization registered in the State of South Carolina. The Society is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes as set forth in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Computer Association of Nepal-USA (CAN-USA)
The objective of the Computer Association of Nepal-USA (CAN-USA) is to bring together the IT professionals and to promote IT related development and knowledge transfer in Nepal.

Nepalese Doctors Association (UK)
The mission of the Nepalese Doctors Association (UK) is to promote comradeship among the Nepalese doctors in the UK and to contribute to the development of the health service in Nepal.

(If you have information about other diaspora related professional organizations, please contact NSC.)


Some Nepali diaspora related papers and project reports:

A little of Nepal: Nepali diaspora in the US in an age of globalization by Lopita Nath
What Does a Goat Have to Do with Development? Diasporas, IT,and the Case of by Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff
Nepalese labour migration to Japan: from global warriors to global workers
by Keiko Yamanaka
Recent Research on Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Sector in India and South Asia
by Mark Sidel
Living In and Out of the Host Society. Aspects of Nepalese Migrants' Experience of Division in Qatar by Tristan Bruslé
Support for this development through enterprise “WHAT WORKS” Case Study Provided by USAID
Non-Resident Nepalis as Investors in Nepal An attempt to assess the real opportunities they offer by Basanta Ernst Pratap Thapa

Lessons From Other diasporas: Vanishing Doubts and Increasing Evidence

Leveraging the Power of the Bangladeshi Diaspora
Harnessing the Power of the African Diaspora
Cultural geographies of migration: mobility, transnationality and diaspora by Alison Blunt
The international policies of brain gain: A Review by Sami Mahroum
Productivity spillovers among OECD, diaspora and indigenous firms in Chinese manufacturing by Yingqi Wei and Xiaming Liu
Development finance via diaspora bonds track record and potential by Suhas L. Ketkar and Dilip Ratha
Network Approach versus Brain Drain: Lessons from the Diaspora by Jean-Baptiste Meyer

Turning Brain Drain into Brain Gain: Personal Reflections on Using the Diaspora Option by Uwem E. Ite
Migrant Workers and their Environments: Insights from the Filipino Diaspora by Maria Cynthia Rose Banzon Bautista University of the Philippines-Diliman
New Zealand’s Diaspora and Overseas-born Population by John Bryant and David Law
Behavior and Emotional Problems of Clinic-Referred Children of the African Diaspora: A Cross-National Study of African American and Jamaican Children Ages 4 to 18 by Michael Canute Lambert
Promise and frustration of diaspora networks: lessons from network of Colombian researchers abroad by by F Chaparro et al. (book chapter)
Research on Indian diaspora reveals potentials and challenges for not-for-profits and other organised causes in Asia
The West Indian Diaspora to the USA: Remittances and Development of the Homeland by Aubrey W. Bonnett
Attracting FDI from the Indian Diaspora: The Way Forward By Dr. Jayanta Roy and Pritam Banerjee
Diasporas and Domestic Entrepreneurs: Evidence from the Indian Software Industry by Ramana Nanda and Tarun Khanna
Philanthropy and Indian Diaspora in the 21st Century By Dr. Ajailiu Niumai
Building Bridges: A Case Study on The Role of the Indian Diaspora in Canada by Kant Bhargava with J. C. Sharma and Valerie Ashford
India’s Transformation to Knowledge-based Economy – Evolving Role of the Indian Diaspora by Abhishek Pandey, Alok Aggarwal, Richard Devane, and Yevgeny Kuznetsov
Beyond Remittances A Strategy To Leverage The Bangladeshi Diaspora

What's New?

New trend in Indian University to study Indian diaspora: "Applications are invited for a post of Project Associate in a UGC funded project entitled “India and Indian Diaspora in Africa” at the Centre for African Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. The position is temporary and available till the end of the project. (JNU job advertisement. April 1, 2010)"

Diaspora Studies Programs

International Institute for Diaspora Studies
African Diaspora Studies Programs
Diaspora Studies Consortium Study in Europe, Study in Canada
Interdisciplinary Concentration in African Diaspora Studies
Centre for the Study of Indian Diaspora
African Diaspora Studies -- UC Berkeley



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