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Welcome to Liberal Democracy Nepal Online Forum

Members of the North American diaspora and the Nepal Study Center have collaborated to create the Liberal Democracy Nepal online forum. This site is dedicated to disseminating and discussing the full range of issues and ideas germane to the ideal of creating liberal democracy in Nepal. Issues are broadly categorized into three major themes on the Mission and Theme section. You are encouraged to contribute articles and engage in the debate using discussion forums. Selected contributions, articles, discussion materials, and constructive comments are disseminated through an electronic publication Liberal Democracy Nepal Bulletin (LDNB) published by the Nepal Study Center of the University of New Mexico.

The main website for LDN forum:

Liberal Democracy Nepal

This forum is dedicated to conducting broad-ranging dialogue and discussion among Nepal scholars and practitioners on issues relating to the transformation of the state, politics, and social institutions in Nepal in a way that addresses key long-term causes of totalitarianism, conflict, and societal instability. The areas of our concern are prioritized according to the following initial scheme:

Crisis in Nepal
  • A House Divided: where do we go from here?
  • Human Rights
  • Quest for Peace

A Symbol of Peace, Harmony, and Tolerance

Fundamental Reforms
  • Restructuring the State: Federal Structure, The Army
  • Electroral Reforms
  • Legal Reforms
  • Educational Reforms
  • Social Justice
  • Internal Democracy in Party Polity
  • Good Governance and Corruption
  • Economic Development

External Role

External Role in the Transition of Nepal to a Liberal Democracy

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