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The Nepal Study Center has collaborated with the members of the North American diaspora to launch an online discussion forum called Liberal Democracy Nepal (LDN). This site is dedicated to disseminating and discussing the full range of issues and ideas germane to the ideal of creating liberal democracy in Nepal.Issues are broadly categorized into three major themes on the Mission and Theme section. You are encouraged to contribute articles and engage in the debate using discussion forums.

Selected contributions, articles, discussion materials, and constructive comments are disseminated through an electronic publication Liberal Democracy Nepal Bulletin (LDNB) published by the Nepal Study Center of the University of New Mexico.

In addition, the Nepal Study Center is in the process of publishing an interdisciplinary academic peer-reviewed journal --Himalayan Journal of Development and Democracy (HJDD).

Inagural Announcement, July 9, 2005

Dear all,

It is our pleasure to formally announce the creation of a Nepal Study Center at the University of New Mexico, USA (Department of Economics). Please visit the following site and explore various initiatives that the Center is striving to undertake.

NSC is dedicated to fostering intellectual collaboration and sharing knowledge with a dedicated focus and wider perspective on the political economy of Himalayan states and societies. The Center is focusing on four areas for development: building research capacity and creating a working paper series; international linkages and educational outreach; journal publications and seminars; and conducting community online discussion forums to advance the debate on democracy and development.

You will be receiving announcements related to its activities on a regular basis. Please pass this site to your colleagues who are interested on Nepal and the surrounding regions, and encourage them to sign up. You can also easily unsubscribe from the list as per the instruction given below. Importantly, please don’t hesitate to contact us to offer valuable comments.

**********************Some highlights*************************************

*** NSC is striving to publish two journals: Himalayan Journal of Development and Democracy (HJDD) and Liberal Democracy Nepal Bulletin (LDNB):

The first issue of LDNB is almost complete with articles and notes from Dr. Ram S. Mahat et al. Mr. Kul C. Gautam, Professor Surya Subedi, Dr. Prakash C. Lohani, and Professor Lok R. Baral

HJDD is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed academic journal, whereas LDNB focuses on essays and commentaries. Please visit the site to understand the mission and the submission policies of these journals. We also welcome your contributions.

*** NSC Working Paper Series has been established. The first paper deals with the Maoist conflict and the second paper analyzes the relationship between social capital and conservation.

(Two working papers, currently under review, will be linked to UNM’s open access Dspace repository within a couple of days.)

Other activities include: conducting research, e-seminars, workshops, and inter-university educational outreach programs. You will be notified of these activities in the future.

The Center thanks the University for its support, and acknowledges numerous members of the Nepali diaspora for their encouragement, goodwill, and material support.

Thank you very much.

Alok K. Bohara, Ph.D.
Department of Economics
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131,USA
Ph: 505-277-5903/5304(w)
Nepal Study Center:

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