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Visiting Scholars and Post-docs

Nepal Study Center can be an excellent venue to conduct policy research. We encourage visiting scholars to think about the Nepal Study Center as a place to conduct quality research.

Currently, we do not have any funding to support such visiting programs, but its quality research capacity can be very valuable. Economics, political science, and sociology are all housed within the same building complex. Visiting fellows and post-docs can have an easy access to all these departments for productive interactions.

Application Guideline
Visitng scholars and post-docs can approach the center with an inquiry letter. They are encouraged to outline the inquiry application by focusing on the following:

Reasons for choosing NSC and UNM.
Duration of visit.
Mutual benefits from such a visit.
Expected research output.
Possible outlet for research output (e.g., journal submissions, talk presentation).
Funding source for travel, room, and board.

In addition, a separate two-page research outline and a vitae should also be sent as attachments. Research section on the main menu can give you an idea about the research program of the center, and is presented just as a guideline. So far, we have granted two such requests competitively.

Professor Alok K. Bohara <>
Department of Economics
University of New Mexico

Some fellowship and visiting opportunities can be found here:

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