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Giving to Nepal Study Center

The NSC plans to undertake several research and educational initiatives that include data gathering, data analysis, conducting seminars and workshop, travel stipend for student seminar presentations, and publishing electronic journals. We are working very hard to look for external funding both from the private donors as well as from the more traditional funding agencies. But your financial contribution will help institutionalize this research center for the benefit of Nepal and others who are interested on policy questions affecting Nepal and the surrounding regions.

Nepal Study Center (NSC) is registered with the College of Arts and Sciences, University of New Mexico. Your contributions to Nepal Study Center is tax deductible.

For information about the gifts and contributions to Nepal Study Center and its activities, please contact the economics department administrator (Ms. Angela Torrez: or Professor Alok K. Bohara (, 505-277-5903/5304).

You may also help the mission of the Center by sponsoring student fellowships, post-docs, and visiting scholarships.

The NSC acknowledges the contributions made by the following individuals and organizations:


Gifts for the NSC sponsored 2nd Annual HPRC event at the U. of Wisconsin (Oct 11, 2007): Ambika Adhikari $100; Alok K. Bohara $100; Dharmendra Dhakal $100; Gyan Pradhan $100; Vijaya R. Sharma $100; Mukti Upadhyay $100; Kamal Upadhyaya $100; Jagadish Upadhyaya $100; Gaury Adhikary $100; Girija Gautam $100; Rajendra Shrestha $100

Department of Economics, UNM: Graduate Assistantship help; Dean of Arts and Sciences, UNM: $3,500

Department of Political Sciences, Department of Sociology, International Studies (UNM): sponsored talk program by Dr. Devendra R. Panday.


Dr. Upendra Mahato, President of Non-Resident Nepali International Coordination Council (NRN-ICC)
($1,000), October 2006

Jiba Lamichhane
, Executive Member of NRN-ICC, Russia.
($1,000), October 2006

Naresh Koirala, Vancouver ,
($200), September 2006

Carl Mattendorf,
Former Graduate Student, University of New Mexico
($500), March 2006

Alok K. Bohara, PhD, Professor, University of New Mexico
($2,500, contributed personal faculty development funds), June 2006

Hardcopies of the LDNB Special Issue of the DC Workshop Proceedings (October 20-22, 2005) on Opportunities and Challenges were disseminated among the NAC participants in Nashville (January 20-22, 2006) ($340: After deducting the printing cost, the fund deposited is $120; Acknowledgement: Mr. Madan Rajbhandari, Dr. Samanta Thapa, Mr. Shiva Bhurtel, Dr. Gaury Adhikary, Mr. Ramakant Kharel, Dr. Narayan Rajbhandari, Mr. Girija Gautam, Dr. Shyam Karki, Dr. Ambika Adhikari, Dr. Jeetndra Joshi,Mr. Ratan Jha, Mr. Sanjay Shrestha, Dr. Prahlad Pant, Mrs. Annapurna Dev, Dr. Tilak Shrestha, Dr. Dharmendra Dhakal, Dr. Alok Bohara)

Department of Political Science, University of New Mexico, Graduate Assistant (1/2 time), Spring 2006


Dr. Ram S. Mahat, (Former Finance Minister, Nepal)
($70.00 from book signing ceremony, In Defence of Democracy) Washington DC Workshop on Challenges and Opportunity, (LDN/NDI) October 22, 2005

Mr. Aditya Jha, Osallus, CEO, Toranto, Canada
($2,500.00: for NDI/LDN sposored workshop in DC), October 2005

Nepali diaspora in Russia: Dr. Upendra Mahato, Mr. Jiba Lamichhane, and Dr. Jugal Bhurtel.
($3,500.00), February 2005

Professor Kishore Gawande, Texas A&M
($2,500.00) May 2005

Professor Paul Nathanson, International Initiative, University of New Mexico
($1,000), March 2005

Professor Jennifer Moore,
Peace Studies, University of New Mexico
($100), January 2005

Department of Political Science,
University of New Mexico, Graduate Assistant (1/2 time), Spring 2005

Department of Political Science,
University of New Mexico, Graduate Assistant (1/2 time), Fall 2005


Suman Timsina, Timsina Foundation, Philadelphia
(Dell Computer, $1,100.00), August 2004

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