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The Nepal Study Center at the University of New Mexico is dedicated to fostering academic discourse and deliberation of issues related to development, democracy and social change in Nepal and the surrounding Himalayan region. NSC's endeavor includes publication of two types of journals and conducting seminars.


New Peer-reviewed e-journal (Development Journal of the South)

1. Development Journal of the South (DJS) is an open access peer reviewed journal published by the Nepal Study Center of the University of New Mexico.  It is an interdisciplinary journal intended to spur critical debate on issues faced by most of the nations in Africa, Latin America, and Asia collectively known as the global south.


2. Himalayan Working Papers Archive welcomes scholars to upload their research working papers. This portal is designed to showcase academic research work of scholars who are interested to disseminate their work for wider citation and readership


3. HPRC Conference Proceedings is a compilation of all the abstracts of papers that has been presented in the Annual Himalayan conferernce over the years.


Other related initiatives of Nepal Study Center

DJS has replaced Himalayan Journal of Development and Democracy (HJDD) a peer-reviewed e- journal. (see above link.)

Liberal Democracy Nepal Bulletin (LDNB) focuses in publishing non-technical academic discourse on development and democracy in the form of essays, commentaries, comments, notes, and letters.

Liberal Democracy Nepal Bulletin

"A focus on research and analysis to improve public policies." "Dedicated in publishing essays and commentaries to promote liberal democracy."
Books and Book Reviews

The NSC strives to disseminate scholarly ideas on development, democracy and public policies through its journals, seminars, and by publicising books and book reviews.

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