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Suggested Reading

>Kathmandu Valley Environment Outlook (2007), ICIMOD
>Environment Assessment of Nepal : Emerging Issues and Challenges (2006), ICIMOD
>Water technology and Society: Learning the lessons of River Management in Nepal , by Dipak Gyawanli, 2003
>Link to World Bank Nepal section


Additional Useful Resources and Links

A. Ecosystem of Bagmati River Basin

SundariJal:Origin of the River Bagmati and water reservoir
Shivapuri Preserve (Northern Rim): Shivapuri Village; National Parks
Chobhar (gorge, temples): Jal Binayak Temple; Budhhist Monastery; GaneshTemple; Manjushree Cave and the legend of Kathmandu Valley
Taudaha Lake: Wetland/bird watching; The World Wetlands Day Celebration 2006 & 2nd Taudaha Jamboree

B. Life and Culture along the Bagmati River

1. Life and Death in Pashupatinath: Elders Find a Home on the Banks of Kathmandu’s Bagmati By Dave Baldridge,

Executive Director, American Association for International Aging. A 59-year-old Cherokee, Dave Baldridge hopes “to give back something to the Nepali elders who changed my world view of aging in poverty.” A long-time board member of the American Society on Aging, Baldridge , executive director of the American Association for International Aging, also consults for the CDC’s Native Diabetes Wellness Program in Albuquerque, NM.

2. Kathmandu University Department of Music

3. Bagmati civilization:

Kathmandu Durbar Square; Patan Durbar Square; Bhaktapur Durbar Square; Kirtipur Durbar Square

C. Science and Management of Bagmati River Basin

1. Evolution of Chemistry along the Bagmati Drainage Network in Kathmandu Valley
2. Bargamti from SundariJal to Chobhar and beyond: Do Rivers self-purify?
3. Environmental management of the Bagmati River Basin
4. Spatial–temporal variation and comparative assessment of water qualities of urban river system: a case study of the river Bagmati (Nepal)
5. Municipal solid waste management in Nepal: practices and challenges

D. Public Health and Environment

1. Environment and Public Health Otrganization (water quality, community effort, and poublic health)
2. Nick Simons Institute (health workers)

E. Economic Development for Cultural and Environmental Sustainability

1. Social Profit Network: Kathmanu 2020 campaign
2. People to People Micro Finance (Kiva affiliated Project in Kathmandu valley)

E. Organizational Efforts

1. Friends of Bagmati
2. Environment Camps for Conservation Awareness (ECCA)
3. Environment and Public Health Organization
4. Kathmandu Participatory River Monitoring
5. The Bagmati Civilization Integrated Development Committee (Formed January, 2008)
6. NGO Forum for Urban Water and Sanitation
7. Kathmandu University Dpartment of Music

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