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Deputy Director General of ICIMOD Dr. Madhav Karki on a Goodwill Visit to the University of New Mexico and Nepal Study Center (May 20 -May 22, 2010)

Deputy Director General Dr. Madhav Karki of International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) visited UNM reciprocating the UNM team's visit to ICIMOD in November of 2010. Dr. Karki met with the graduates students, economics faculty, and the university officials. For detailed program and his presentation click here.

Memorandum of Understanding between UNM and Kathmandu University and ICIMOD
Executive Vice President and Provost Dr. Suzanne Ortega on a Goodwill Visit to Kathmandu

KU VC and UNM Provost

KU VC Dr. Sharma and UNM Provost Dr. Ortega Inaugurating NSC-UNM's branch office at KU

UNM Provost and ICIMOD DDG
UNM Provost Dr. Ortega and ICIMOD DDG Dr. Karki signing MOU

Summary Report
Visit of University of New Mexico Delegation to Nepal to sign two MOUs
(November 26- December 6, 2009)

MOU with Kathmandu University, Nepal

The University of New Mexico (UNM) delegation, led by the Executive Vice President and Provost Dr. Suzanne Ortega, returned from Kathmandu, Nepal (November 26-December 06, 2009) after an official visit of the Kathmandu University (KU). The Vice Chancellor of KU Dr. Suresh R. Sharma and the Dean of School of Management (Professor Subas KC) had visited UNM in 2008. The two sides formally tied their academic relationship by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

The other members of the delegation were Dr. Felipe Gonzales (Sr. Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences), Dr. Alok K. Bohara (Professor of Economics and Director of Nepal Study Center), and Dr. Kristin Vanderbilt (Associate Research Professor, Department of Biology). This international initiative was the result of collaborative efforts led by the Nepal Study Center (NSC) of UNM and its affiliated members from both within and outside the UNM community.


During this visit, the UNM team signed an MOU with the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) and its 8-country Himalayan University Consortium (HUC) to widen its academic linkages with other university systems in the region. For HUC related information click here

The UNM team also took advantage to have discussions with the Friends of the Bagmati River (FOB) and the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC).

Photos of both events can be found

The UNM team returned with the following accomplishments:

• A signed MOU with KU;
• A signed MOU with ICIMOD and UNM’s membership in the 8-country HUC;
• A signed letter of understanding with KU and FOB to implement UNM’s Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP) on the Bagmati River;
• A visit with the Annapurna Conservation Area Program (ACAP) and discussions with NTNC officials to explore possibilities of research and long term ecological monitoring activities on the national conservation areas;
• The establishment of the UNM's Nepal Study Center branch office, jointly inaugurated by UNM’s Provost and KU’s Vice Chancellor at KU’s School of Management in Balkumari (Kathmandu).

Four broad areas of mutual interest emerged out of these exchanges: (1) environmental research programs (climate change, resource management and valuation, sustainable community development; long term ecological research and monitoring; academic program development); (2) health (telehealth, community health care management; environment and health); (3) sociopolitical conflict, governance and community empowerment; (4) capacity building and regional networking in UNM’s membership in the 8-country HUC; collaborative research project development in environment, health, and governance; faculty and student exchanges; graduate program development.

KU is also developing a permanent high altitude research center (KU-HARC) in the Langtang National Park area (a Himalayan valley (Kyanjung valley: 13,000 ft) bordering Tibet surrounded by Langtang and Lirung peaks). The center will be used by graduate students and faculty to conduct field work in areas such as: climate change, bio-diversity, hydrology, medicinal plants, long-term ecological research (LTER), micro-hydro, anthropological cultural studies, health, and socio-economic community development. This is being discussed as a point of mutual interest between KU and UNM. This also presents us with an opportunity to conduct high altitude medical education and research activities. It takes about three days to get there from Kathmandu (7/8 hours of bus ride and 2.5 days of hiking along the Langtang River towards the Kyanjung/Langtang valley. To the east of the Langtang range, the Ganesh Himal valley provides another pristine area. A religiously famous lake --Goshaikunda Lake (4380m)-- also lies in the vicinity of the Langtang area. There are some micro hydro projects and some simple telehealth activities in the area.

Click here for some Langtang area photos:
Photo1, Photo2, Photo3, Photo4, Photo5

Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University (KU) on a Goodwill Visit to UNM
(April 17-21, 2008)

KU VC_ UNM President

UNM President Dr. David J. Schmidly (2nd from left) and VC of KU Dr. Suresh R. Sharma (4th from left)
Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University (KU) Professor Suresh R. Sharma and the Dean of School of Management Professor Subas KC came to the University of New Mexico on a goodwill visit to explore collaborative possibilities between the two academic institutions (April 17- 21, 2008). It was initiated by the Nepal Study Center of the University of New Mexico in collaboration with the College of Arts & Sciences, Center for Telehealth, Department of Economics, and the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. NSC's netowrk of the Nepali scholar diaspora also played an important role in this event.

Event photos can be found here.

Meetings with Potential Partners

A week long visit consisted of many discussions with several potential collaborative partners such as, School of Medicine, College of Arts and Sciences (Department of Biology; UNM Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Project --UNM-BEMP; Department of Economics; Department of Political Science) ; Anderson School of Management; College of Education -Instructional Technology; and Office of International Programs and Studies.

In addition to talking to faculty and graduate students, the delegates also had a series of productive conversation with various Deans, Associate Deans , Vice Presidents, Department Chairs, and program directors (Vice President and Dean of School of Medicine Dr. Paul Roth; Vice President for Student Affairs Eliseo Torres; Director of Telehealth and Cybermedicine Dr. Dale Alverson; Dean of Anderson school of Management Dr. Amy Wohlert; Dean of Arts and Sciences Dr. Brenda Claiborne; Associate Deans of A&S Professors Felipe Gonzales and Mike Dougher; Chair of Department of Biology Dr. Sam Loker; Chair of Department of Economics Professor Phil Ganderton; Chair of Department of Political Science Mark Peceny; Founder of UNM-BEMP and Professor Emeritus Cliff Crawford; Director of RWJ Health Institute Professor Robert Valdez; and the Director of Office of International Studies Program Dr. Thomas Bogenschild)

Graduate Research Demonstration Projects

Some specific demonstration projects included: a video conferencing interaction with Ecuador at the telehealth center; a visit at the BEMP ecosystem monitoring site at the Rio Grande River; experimental lab demonstration and the graduate research poster session at the department of economics; distance learning and community of practitioners (COP) slide demonstration by graduate students at the College of Education's Tech Center.

Social Events

Some social events included: happy hour hosted by the department of economics; dinner programs hosted by the Chair of Depertment of Economics and Dr. Tom Bogenschild of the OIPS; luncheon program at Lobo B hosted by the Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Cheo Torres and a lunch program at the School of Medicine; and a warm greeting by the economics graduate economics (Lobo Mug!). Of course, the visitors also had an opportunity to explore various natural and cultural landmarks in the land of enchanment (Acoma Pueblo and Santa fe).

Meeting with the UNM President

The final exit visit took place between the Vice Chancellor of Kathmandu University Professor Suresh R. Sharma and President of UNM Dr. David J. Schmidly. Both expressed their firm commitment to advance academic relationship between the two institutions. Nepal's immense biodiversity, pristine geographic landscape, water resources, culture, and community development related public policy challenges in health, education, economic welfare and the environment were recognized as areas of mutual interest. Importantly, the visitors also felt that the New Mexico's vast rural setting, its deep rooted cultural heritage, and the ecosystem would make the comparison between the two landscapes quite enriching. The meeting was also attended by the Provost Dr. Viola Florez, Dean Dr. Brenda Claiborne, Dean Subas KC, and Dr. Alok K. Bohara.

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