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Sharing Knowledge
Annual Conferences, Lecture Series, Working Papers Portal,

NSC's mission is to build platforms to bring together scholars for knowledge sharing.

NSC has built several platforms to bring scholars together for knowledge sharing. NSC has been holding annual Himalayan Policy Research Conferences (HPRC) at the University of Wisconsin's South Asia Conference venue. In addition, NSC holds lecture series at UNM by inviting scholars. NSC also plans to hold seminar in the region at NSC's branch office at Kathmandu University for those Himalayan-bound scholars from abroad. NSC also publishes peer-reviwed e-journals, and has developed a working paper portal.

I. Annual Hmalayan Policy Research Conference (HPRC)
II. E-seminar

III. Seminar and talk programs at UNM
IV. Seminar and talk program at Kathmandu University's NSC Office

V. Himalayn Working Papers Archive
VI. e-Journals

For details on these activities, click HERE

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