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Books and Book Reviews on Development, Democracy, and Political Economy

Uddhab P. Pyakurel
Maoist Movement in Nepal: A Sociological Perspective
New Delhi: Adroit Publishers, 2007, pages 228, Rs 450
Liberal Democracy Nepal Bulletin Review

Dr. Bishnu Pathak
Politics of People's War and Human Rights in Nepal
Kathmandu: BIMIPA Publications, Kathmandu, 2005, pp 472, (Rs. 1095, $30 including postal charge)
Kathmandu Post Review
Nepali Times Review

Dr. Krishna B. Bhattachan and Dr. Sarah Webster
Indigenous Peoples, Poverty Reduction and Conflict in Nepal
Published by Project to Promote the Rights of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples (PRO 169) of ILO, Geneva and ILO Office in Nepal, 2005.

Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat

In Defence of Democracy Dynamics and Fault Lines of Nepal's Political Economy
New delhi: Adroit Publishers, 2005, pp 437
Nepali Times Review
Kathmandu Post review, Nov 19, 2005

Dr. Mahendra Lawoti
Toward a Democratic Nepal: Inclusive Political Institutions for a Multicultural Society
New Delhi: SAGE Publications, 2005, pp 345

Michael Hutt (Editor)
Himalayan People's War: Nepal's Maoist Rebellion (Paperback)
Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2004, pp 336

D.B. Gurung (Editor)
Nepal Tomorrow : Voices and Visions
Kathmandu: Koselee, 2003, pp. 694

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