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Sustainable Living Challenges
Sustainable Living Challenges

Amartya Sen on this century’s challenges: "'s a question of taking an adequately broad view of economics, along with its neighboring discipline, and it's also a question of paying more attention to those who are most likely to lose when a crisis hits." (1998 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics)

Solar Tuki (Lamp)

A cheap and simple technology like "Solar Tuki" (lamp) can improve a student's schooling.

Smoke Less stove Deforestation A smokeless stove and the briquette made out of recycled garbage can help reduce deforestation, lessen dependency on fossil fuels, reduce river pollution, and improve the respiratory related illness of mothers and babies.
Kiva Program funding a Woman vegetable Gradener Tele-microfinance can democratize lending and change lives of women entrepreneurs.
Tele-health A wireless internet technology can connect rural health workers to main hospitals.
Clay Filter: MIT Nepal Water Project A simple clay filter can help reduce waterborne illnesses.
Wind Turbine and Prayer Wheel Culturally sensitive innovative project like this wind turbine painted in payer wheel images can be a powerful symbol.

For a collection of sustainable technology ideas, click here: Bright Ideas.

Other examples of sustainable technologies:
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