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NSC-related UNM's International Partnerships and Research Collaborations
Linking North American based institutions (e.g., UNM) and scholars to their counterparts in the Himalayan region and else where is one of the missions of the Nepal Study Center.


Related visits by Kathmandu University's VC, UNM's Provost, and ICIMOD's DDG

NSC has helped forge institutional linkages between UNM and other institutions in the Himalayan region --Kathmandu University (KU), ICIMOD, and the 8-country Himalayan University Consortium (HUC).

KU's Vice Chancellor's visit to UNM (2008) and the UNM's Provost's visit to KU and ICIMOD (2009) has resulted in two MOUs. For details and photos, click
MOU Cooperation



UN's environmental sustainability initiative: Shanghai and Rio Meetings (Summer 2012):

As an Associate member of the 8-country Himalayan Universty Consortium (HUC), UNM is participating in the launch of the Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability (GUPES), which is scheduled to take place in Shanghai, during 5-6 June 2012, prior to the Rio+20 Summit. Professor Wennie Shu will be representing UNM.

UNM's Dean of Engineering, Professor Catalin Roman, will be meeting with Director General and Deputy Director General of ICIMOD (Dr. David Molden and Dr. Madhav Karki) at the Rio+20 Summit in Rio to further linkages between UNM and ICIMOD.

The 8-country Himalayan University Consortium (HUC):

Dr. Alok K. Bohara gave a keynote speech via video conferencing:`Strengthening Research Capacity of the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) universities and research institutions for promoting inclusive and innovative development in the HKH region. Th conference at ICIMOD, Kathmandu was attended by the representatives from HUC universites. (Spring 2012)

Through a Memorandum of Understanding between UNM and ICIMOD, University of New Mexico is an Associate Member of the HUC.

KATHMANDU UNIVERSITY and NSC-UNM (global health and development initiative)

Approaches to rural health and community development

As a part of the South-South global health and development initiative, NSC is developing some research programs with the Dhulikhel Hospital (KU)'s Global Health initiative. In particular, using the rural platform of the DH's community health clinics, we will be developing some projects in areas such as: micro finance, micro health insurance, enviromental conservation, health education, and community development.

In collaboration and support from the UNM-NSC's branch office in Kathmandu, our economics department students have conducted household surveys (focus group, defriefing, pretest, data entry).

Past and current research projects:

--> Hari Katuwal (graduate student, department of economics, UNM) conducted a survey (2009) on Bagmati River and water quality. This dissertation research is completed. Click here for further information.

--> Menuka Karki (graduate student, department of economics, UNM) has been developing a project on sanitation management, practices and health implications (Summer 2012) using a representative sampling survey of Kathmandu. She uses choice experiment to solicitate preferences, and have focus on various other behavior, public health and public policy implications: knowledge and attitude regarding environment and public health; recycling behavior, health outcome, water treatment etc. (Spring 2012 - )

--> Kristina Piorkowski (Honors student, department of economics, UNM) is working on some aspects of rural health and community development approaches currently practiced in developing communities around the world (Summer 2012- Spring 2013).

School of Medicine, UNM:

Dr. David Watcher and Dr. Mark Hauswald (School of Medicine, UNM) have been interacting with the Director of Kathmandu University's Community Health Program Dr. Biraj Karmacharya to start a collaborative program on community health management and problem based learning modules. Introduction to Global health: Nepal (School of Medicine, UNM)

Mark Hauswald MS MD from Emergency Medicine and Global Health, Nancy L. Kerr MD MPH from Emergency Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology and David Wachter MS MD from Emergency Medicine at UNM have made three visits in the last year. They have been working with Suman Raj Tamrakar MD and his colleagues from the Obstetrics and Gynecology department at KU doing research to decrease post-partum hemorrhage. Funding has been by a Grand Challenges Exploration Grant from the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation and Drs.Hauswald, Kerr and Tamrakar will be presenting their results at the FIGO international Obstetrics meeting this fall in Rome.

Dr. Dale Alverson, Medical Director of the Center for Telehealth and Cybermedicine Research and Professor of Pediatrics and Regents Professor on faculty at the University of New Mexico, School of Medicine, visited Kathmandu University to discuss collaborative ideas on developing telehealth system at KU. (March 11-12, 2010). For details, click here

Dr. Alok K. Bohara was given a tour of the Teaching Hospital of Kathmandu University --Dhulikhel Hospotal (2009) and a health post (Bahunpati). Please click here: Report (scroll down for community health management report), Photos.

RWJF Center at UNM:

The RWJF Center at UNM helped NSC broadcast through internet it's first live coverage of its Fifth Annual Himalayan Policy Research Conference --Madison (HPRC 2010).

Dr. Biraj Karmacharya's visit to UNM (June 21st - June 25th, 2012) has been supported by the RWJF Center at UNM. Director of KU's Community Health Program, Dr. Karmacharya's visit focuses on sharing his experience about the KU Dhulikhel Hospital's microfinance and health initiative. Click here for details.


Professor Gautam Vora of Anderson School Management (UNM) visited Kathmandu University for a short workshop at Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM), Summer 2010

Professor Emeritus Jeanne Logsdon of Anderson School of Management (UNM) visited Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM) in summer of 2011 and held discussion with the Dean Professor KC and the KUSOM faculty. [faculty research and publication adivse and book donation]


Graduate Student Field Research in Nepal:

Graduate student Hari Katuwal of the Department of Economics (UNM) used NSC-UNM branch office at Kathmandu University to conduct focus group and other survey research related logistics (Summer 2009).

Graduate student Menuka Karki of Department of Economic is conducting a survey research for her dissertation to study solid waste management and waste disposal of Kathmandu household. (Summer 2012).

Undergraduate Himalayan Study Abroad Program: Environment and the Society at the Top of the World:

Professors Alok K. Bohara and Jennifer Thacher of Department of Economics co-directed a summer undergraduate study abroad program in Nepal, Kathmandu --Himalayan Study Abroad Program. UNM students interacted with KU students and faculty, and engaged in a model village project --rain harvesting project for a school. For the study abroad short report and photos, click here: Report, Photos.

Workshop at KU by UNM Graduate Students:

Graduate student Hari Katuwal also conducted a workshop on research methodology for KUSOM students. Session I: Students' and Faculties' Research Commitment in Eastern and Western Universities. Session II: From Term Paper to Field Survey: Research Experience in Kathmandu (Summer 2009). For details, click here

Visitors' Talk Program:

Former Finance Minister Dr. Ram S. Mahat and Planning Commission Vice Chairman Dr. Shankar Sharma gave talk programs (2005 and 2006). For details, click Here.


Graduate Resarch and Mentoring

Prakash Adhikari (recent graduate) worked as an RA at NSC to build databases. He also received much mentoring help from the NSC to devlop his dissertation research. He is Production Editor of NSC and it'e e-portal related activities.

Other Collaborative Interactions

Prakash has been in touch with KUSOM's Dean about developing some collaborative ideas. Professor Wendy Hansen, his adviser, also visited KU during Prakash's NSF funded survey collection for dissertaton research (Summer 2008).

Visitors' Talk Program

Dr. Devendra R. Pandey and Prem Khanal gave talk programs (2006, 209). For details, click Here.


Research Scientist II Dr. Doleswar Bhandiri of Bureau of Business and Economics Research (BBER - UNM) visited Kathmandu University and gave a talk program to their faculty and students. Session I: A Spatial Econometric Model of the Korean Economy. Session II: Follow-up Roundtable Discussion: Understanding Economic Impact Analysis. For details, click here


Dr. Jeffry Drope (graduate of UNM, Department of Political Science) organized an Internet-based Classroom Exercise Involving US and Nepali Students (2006). For details, click Here.


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