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Conferences, e-Seminars and Workshops
The NSC envisions conducting seminars in three different ways:


Nepal Study Center will attepmt to regularly schedule academic conference sessions under some professional associations like the one at the University of Wisconsin's South Asian Conference. For details, click above link.


NSC will try to conduct some special workshop at its venue on a regular basis. Such workshops or symposiums could also be carried out collaboratively with other interested parties. One such workshop was held in DC in collaboration with Liberal Democracy Nepal forum and the national Democratic Institute (DC).

Nepal Study Center wil also make efforts to conduct e-seminars on topics of general interest. Basically, academics and policymakers are invited to prepare scholarly articles. Such articles are then distributed among a select group of members for discussion and deliberation. The designated moderators then summarize such discussions for posting, disseminating, and publishing through the LDN forum and the LDN Bulletin journal.

III. Seminar and talk programs at UNM

NSC intends to conduct a lecture series and invite scholars to University of New Mexico for seminar presentation. For details, click above link.

IV. Seminar and talk program at Kathmandu University's NSC Office

Himalayan-bound scholars are invited to present their scholarly work at NSC-UNM's KU branch center in Kathmandu in collaboration with Kathmandu University and other partners. This helps our regional scholars to network and interact with the visiting scholars from abroad. For details, click above link.

V. Himalayn Working Papers Archive

We also host an electronic archive UNM's LoboVault to disseminate working papers through our portal. For details, click above link.

VI. e-Journals

Proceedings from the annual HPRC conferences seminars are normally published in Himalayan Journal of Development and Demovcracy (HJDD) or Liberal Democracy Nepal Bulletin (LDNB).

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