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Water TestingGandaki

Using Interdisciplinary Problem Solving Tools from
Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities

Women Community
Art Therapy

Problem-based Learning Using Data Analytics

Sustainable Development Action Lab
Nepal Study Center, University of New Mexico
Department of Economics

Urban Health and Environmental Challenges
(Siddharthanagar Municipalty, Western Nepal)
Water, Air, and Ecology
Danda Riparian  Range Photos


Analyze: Analyzing the real-world data from the ground.

Deliberate: Collaboratively work with other students in an interdisciplinary fashion to offer practical solutions:
sustainable technologies, awareness curricular interventions, citizen science methods, riparian habitat conservation designs or evidence-based public policy prescriptions.

Implement: If interested, help the student club/group in their effort to implement some of the solutions on the ground in collaboration with our international partners.

Fall 2017 (upcoming)

Econ 395: Problem-based Learning: Health & Environment in Urban Nepal
(Analytical Approach to Problem Solving)
FALL 2017: ECON 395 (3 credits)

Instructor: Professor Alok K. Bohara, Department of Economics; T,THR, 11:00-12:15PM, Room 1004 (Limited computer lab seating available)
Prerequisite: Stat 145 and motivation to learn. (For registration and override, contact Dr. Bohara:

ECON 395 Course Flyer Click here
ECON 395 Course Syllabus Click here

Undergraduate Research-related Resources

Crowdfunding Undergraduate Research: Click here
On-Campus Undergradute Research Funding Opportunities: UNM McNair Scholarships
Off-campus Undergraduate Research Funding Opportunities: NSF Research Experience for Undergraduate NSF-STEM

UNM STEM Programs: UNM STEM Programs and Activities
Council on Undergraduate Research: Click here

Service Learning Examples and Resources: EPA's resources UNM RSLP UNM LTER UNM Social Media Group
Citizen Science: Scientific American


Spring 2017

Econ 409: Groundwater Arsenic Hazard and Women’s Health in Two Villages in Nepal
Applied Econometrics
Instructor: Professor Alok K. Bohara; GA: Niraj Khatiwada

Original Arsenic Research Project Site Click here

Spring 2017 Undergraduate Research Highlights

Group 1: Awareness to Mitigation: The Impact of Public Awareness Initiatives on Water Filter Adoption
DeShawn Vaughan, Andrew McCants, and Wen Lee

Research Poster

Group 2: Arsenic Anticipation: A Perceived Problem and Preventive Solution
Nick Howard, Justin Richardson, and Yaowen Xu

Research Poster

Group 3: Arsenic Levels, Indoor Pollution, and Frequency of Hospital Visits in Nawalparasi and Rupandehi
Aaron Montano, Jesus Vazquez, and Samriti Jain

Research Poster

Group 4: Water Is Life but Leads to Arsenicosis: The Effect of Arsenic Found in Wells on Women’s Arsenicosis in Nepal
Maxwell Walla, Carrie Adair, and Jonathan Lee

Research Poster

Problem-driven research, research-driven solutions: Groundwater Arsenic and Women's Health

Econ 309 PhotoCeramicKanchanSono NawalparasiArsenicArea
Image Source: Ceramic, Kanchan, and Sono
FILTER SYSTEMS | WATER IS LIFE. (n.d.). Retrieved May 9, 2017, from
Ngai, T., Dangol, B., Murcott, S., & Shrestha, R. R. (2006). Kanchan arsenic filter. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO), Kathmandu, Nepal. Retrieved from Schematic diagram of Sono filter. (n.d.). Retrieved May 9, 2017, from

Fall 2016

Econ 451/551: Water Quality, Public Health, Sanitation, and Bio-diversity: Building a Long Term Citizen Science Program
Instructor: Dr. Alok K. Bohara
Graduate student mentors: Samrat Kunwar (TA), Soumi Roy Chowdhury, Siobhan Yilmaz, Muhammad Adnan Shahid, and Veeshan Rayamajhee (doctoral students)
Undergraduate students: Biraj Rawal (Engineering), Dianna Spilca (Biology & Political Science), May Souriyanyong (Economics), DeShawn Vaughan (Economics

Original Water Quality Research Project Site Click here

Fall 2016 Undergraduate Research Highlights
Final Research Report, Scientific Data Gathering Protocol: Click here

Problem-driven research, research-driven solutions: Waterborne Diseases, Public Awareness, Urban Eco-systems and Citizen Science

Econ 451/551 Photo WaterMonitering HandWashing Siddharthanagar
Image Source: Interventions Mopnitoring Water Quality and Hand Washing


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