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Amartya Sen on this century’s challenges: "'s a question of taking an adequately broad view of economics, along with its neighboring discipline, and it's also a question of paying more attention to those who are most likely to lose when a crisis hits."  (1998 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics)
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What's New?

»Study abroad initiative: Lumbini Sustainability Circle [Click here]

»Sustainable Development Action Lab : Problem Driven Research and Research Driven Solutions [Click here]

»Sustainable Development Action Lab participation in SSE conference,2018 [Click here]

» Call for abstracts to be announced soon for Annual HPRC conference 2018 [Click here]


About NSC Action Research Lab Research

Through global connectivity, the Nepal Study Center (NSC) at the University of New Mexico (UNM) is dedicated to fostering intellectual collaboration and sharing knowledge with a dedicated focus and wider perspective on the socio-economic development and sustainability, health, technology transfer, and environmental issues of the Himalayan region and the countries in South Asia. 

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This Sustainable Development Action Lab is a learning opportunities that goes beyond the classroom settings.

This is a need driven research of the communities of developing countries and aims to provide research driven solutions.

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Focused on building research capacity, recruiting and mentoring graduate students, conducting public policy research, promoting collaborative research, conducting and coordinating visitorship programs.

¬Research projects

¬Graduate Studies


e-Journals Workshops, Conferences, & e-Seminars Research and Educational Collaboration
Journal outlets to disseminate discourse on development, democracy, and social change.

¬Himalayan Journal of Development and Democracy (HJDD)
¬Liberal Democracy Nepal Bulletin (LDNB)

¬Call for Papers for e-Journals: HJDD and LDNB

¬NSC Newsletter

- Development Journal of the South



Dissemination of scholarly ideas on development, democracy and public policies through its seminars, conferences, and workshops.

¬Annual Himalayan Policy Research Conferebnce

¬Workshops and e-Seminars

¬NSC Lecture Series at UNM


Working Paper Community
The NSC's research repository initiative is designed to showcase academic research work on the Himalayan region, Nepal and the countries in South Asia.

¬Himalayan Research Papers Archive




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